There isn’t & There aren’t

You will study There isn’t and There aren’t to talk about existence in the negative form.


There isn’t & There aren’t

The Arizona Story

Imagen: Map of the United States with Arizona Highlighted. Creative Commons.

Instructions: Read the following introduction about Arizona:

There isn’t much new about this story…

The Arizona story began when the sea covered everything and the land was an ocean floor. As the water receded and the earth's crust began to dry and settle, volcanoes sprouted hot lava and mountain ranges were pushed high into the air. Remaining waters became rivers and streams cutting deep canyons, and some areas became so dry, deserts were formed…

Arizona. Retrieved and adapted October, 2016 from:

Getting started: Arizona written history

Instructions: Read the following information about Arizona:

The written history of Arizona began when the Spaniards sent exploration parties northward from Mexico. The first was a Franciscan priest named Marcos de Niza in 1539. Other Spanish missionaries followed and established missions to bring Christianity to the Indians. Tumacacori Mission, north of Nogales, was founded by Padre Kino at the center of an Indian settlement. This mission is now a National Monument. Padre Kino also laid the foundations for San Xavier del Bac Mission on the outskirts of today's Tucson, still used for regular services by the Tohono O'Odham Indians who live nearby.

After Kino's death, Spanish development of this area came to a halt. In 1821 Mexico declared its independence from Spain and eventually went to war with the United States. This war ended in 1848, and the land north of the Gila River became United States territory.

Spaniards exploration

Instructions: Choose There isn’t or There aren’t for the following sentences:

There isn't/There aren't any new Spaniard missions.

There isn't/There aren't a recent Christian foundation.

There isn't/There aren't any Spaniard wars in the Arizona territory.

Let’s study There isn’t & There aren’t.

Instructions: Look at the following information about There isn’t and There aren´t in negative statements.

Singular There isn't

an exploration.

a priest.

a missionary.

Plural There aren't


Spanish developments.


There isn't

Instructions: Make negative sentences with the following prompts.

an American student in the class There isn't
an English book There isn't on the table
a pencil case in my backpack There isn't
a dictionary in his place There isn't
a pencil There isn't next to the dictionary

There aren't

Instructions: Make negative sentences with the following words:

many students in the classroom.
two teachers there.
more boys than girls.
boys with them.
enough books for everybody.


American Indian Tribes

Instructions: Choose the right options (There isn't or There aren't) in the following text.

There isn't/There aren't a few American Indian Tribes in Arizona. Twenty-two sovereign American Indian communities currently inhabit there, representing a wealth of cultural diversity.

Thre isn't/There aren't a space without Indian comunities. Total reservation land covers over a quarter of the state. Some tribes are descended from Arizona’s very first inhabitants. Others appeared just a few centuries before Spanish explorers trekked into the area.

There isn't/There aren't descendants from just one race. Today an estimated 5 to 6% of Arizona’s total population is of American Indian ancestry. In fact, the state has the second largest American Indian population in the entire U.S.

Arizona. Retrieved and adapted October, 2016 from: