The verb to be – Positive form

You will study The positive form of the verb To Be.


The verb To Be - Positive form

Official language of the US

Instructions: Look at the underlined words in the following paragraph:

There is no “official” language at the federal level for the United States. Although, the most commonly used language is English. There are over 300 languages spoken or signed by the population. Some individual states list English as their official language.


Getting started: Languages of the United States

Instructions: Read about Languages of the United States. Answer T (true) or F (false) to the statements.

The most commonly used language is English. There are also many languages indigenous to North America or to US states or holdings in the Pacific region. There are a lot of languages from colonists or immigrants from Europe, Asia, or other parts of the world. Several languages, including creoles and sign languages, are also developed in the United States. Approximately 430 languages are spoken or signed by the population, 176 of which are indigenous to the area. Fifty-two languages formerly spoken in the country’s territory are now extinct.

Questions and answers

Instructions: Match the questions to the answers.

1. English is the only language spoken in the U.S.

2. There are languages from Europe, Asia, or other parts of the world.

3. There are not creoles and sign languages.

4. There are 176 indigenous languages in the US.

5. 52 languages from the past have disappeared.

To Be positive form

Let’s study the verb To Be in positive form.

Instructions: Read about the verb To Be:

To Be Positive form

The verb To Be is used to express state or feelings.

The forms of Be in the Simple Present positive form are:

AM for I

IS for he, she, it

ARE for we, you, they

Look at the word order in the Positive form:

Subject Verb To Be Complement
I am happy.
Michael is intelligent.
Alice is nice.
The dog is outside.
The boys and I are in the classroom.
The girls and you are tired.
Abraham and Paul are students.


am, Is or are

Instructions: Write Am, Is or Are in the following questions:

  1. I a student.
  2. You my best friend.
  3. Caroline my sister
  4. Henry a driver
  5. The cat on the table.
  6. You and I good at maths.
  7. Albert and you late.
  8. The girls in the other classroom.
American English

Instructions: Write “am”, “is” or “are” in the following text.

The most common language in the United States known as American English. However, there no official languages at the federal level. The situation quite varied at the state and territorial levels, with some states mirroring the federal policy of adopting no official language in a de jure capacity, others adopting English alone, others officially adopting English as well as local languages, and still others adopting a policy of de facto bilingualism. I a little confused. there local and federal languages, or not?


Languages in the US

Instructions: Complete the following paragraph with the correct form of the verb To Be.

Native American languages spoken in the US? Yes, some of them in smaller pockets of the country, but these populations are decreasing, and the languages are almost never widely used outside of reservations. Hawaiian, although it a native language, it an official language along with English at the state level in Hawaii. The state government of Louisiana offers services and documents in French, as does New Mexico in Spanish. Besides English, Spanish, French, German, Navajo and other Native American languages, all other languages usually learned from immigrant ancestors that came after the time of independence or learned through some form of education. it a multicultural country?, or not?