The Present Perfect – Interrogative form

You will study The Present Perfect Tense.


The Present Perfect – Interrogative form


Imagen: Pyramid of Capitalism System. Public Domain.

Instructions: Read the following text. Look at the word in bold.

Has Capitalism gone through many historical periods?

Yes, Capitalism has existed under many forms of government, in many different times, places, and cultures. Following the decline of mercantilism, mixed capitalist systems became dominant in the Western World and continued to spread. Economists, political economists, and historians have adopted different perspectives in their analyses of capitalism and have recognized various forms of it in practice. These include Laissez-faire or free market capitalism, welfare capitalism, and state capitalism. Different forms of capitalism feature varying degrees of free markets, public ownership, obstacles to free competition, and state-sanctioned social policies. The degree of competition in markets, the role of intervention and regulation, and the scope of state ownership vary across different models of capitalism, the extent to which different markets are free, as well as the rules defining private property, are matters of politics and of policy. Most existing capitalist economies are mixed economies, which combine elements of free markets with state intervention, and in some cases, with economic planning.

Capitalism. Retrieved and adapted November, 2016 from


Getting started: Capitalism and war

Instructions: Read the text to do the activities suggested.

War typically causes the diversion, destruction and creation of capital assets as capital assets are both destroyed or consumed and diverted to types of production needed to fight the war. Many assets are wasted and in some few cases created specifically to fight a war. War driven demands may be a powerful stimulus for the accumulation of capital and production capability in limited areas and market expansion outside the immediate theatre of war. Often this has induced laws against perceived and real war profiteering. 

Capitalism.. Retrieved November, 2016 from


Instructions: Match the questions to the answers.

Let’s learn how to make simple questions in the Present Perfect Tense.

Instructions: Read about simple questions in the Present Perfect Tense.

Remember: The Present Perfect Tense is used to

  • Express an action that happened at an unspecified time before now, because the exact time is not important.

    Example: Have you gone to Europe?

  • Talk about an action that started in the past and hasn’t finished yet.

    Example: Has your best friend lived near your house for many years?

  • Indicate an action that has taken place once, never or several times before the moment of speaking.

    Example: Has your best friend never lied to you?

  • Refer an action in the past that has finished recently or has influence on the present.

    Example: Has your husband prepared dinner?

Look at the word order in the interrogative form:

Auxiliary Have or Has Subject Verb (Past Participle) Complement? Yes / No
Short Answers
Have you worked for several Multinational companies? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.
Has your best friend studied English for three years. Yes, he has. / No, he hasn’t.
Has the cat chased a lot of mice. Yes, it has. / No, it hasn’t.
Have the boys gone to the football match. Yes, they have. / No, they haven’t.


Simple Questions

Instructions: Drag and drop the words to make simple questions.

ever gone you to another capitalist country Have
your children Marx’s Original Accumulation of Capital Have read
been Has a movement against capitalism there
strong through years capitalism got Has
Has increased because of capitalism poverty in the world
boosted in capitalist countries violence Has
Have manifestations against capitalism all over the world there been


Questions and answers

Instructions: Match the questions with the answers.

Yes, they have
No, it hasn’t
Yes, there have
Yes, it has
No, I haven’t
Yes, he has
No, he hasn’t

1. Has the capitalist model  been integrated and developed extensively for a prolonged period? .

2. Have there been many scholars to write about capitalism? .

3. Have you studied capitalism in depth? .

4. Have people in school read about Capitalism? .

5. Has your teacher explained the primitive phase of Capitalism? .

6. Has the US ever control the Chinese economy? .

7. Has your friend in Russia adapted the capitalism model? .


Types of capitalism.

Instructions: Make questions in Present Perfect with Have or Has, the past participle of the verb and the following prompts:

Has there be been many variants of capitalism according to country and region Have
the common features of capitalism be based on the production of goods and services for profit Have been Has
the common features been be structured upon the accumulation of capital Has Have
Has the major forms of capitalism be Mercantilism, Liberalism, Imperialism and Neoliberalim Have been
the Welfare State ever prevail in capitalism Has Have prevailed
capitalism Has spread Have to every single place in the world
governments ever dominate capitalism Have Has dominated