The imperative

You will study Imperatives.


The imperative

The imperative

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Instructions: Read about the Imperative. Notice that there is no subject in the statements.

We use the imperative form for different intentions:

  • To give a direct order.
    Clean your room.
    Stand up quickly.
    Give me the answer.

  • To give instructions.
    Open your books.
    Do the activities bellow.
    Take your right.

  • To make an invitation.
    Come in, please.
    Go ahead, please.
    Have a seat.

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Getting started: signs, notices & advices

Instructions: Read more about the Imperatives.

We can also use the Imperatives…

  1. On signs and notices.
    Do not drink.
    Insert a coin.

  2. To give friendly informal advice.
    Speak to her. Tell her how you feel.
    Have a quiet word with him about it.
    Stay at home and rest up to recover.

  3. To make the imperative 'more polite' by adding 'do'.
    Do be quiet.
    Do come.
    Do sit down.

The Imperative. Retrieved and adapted October, 2016 from

Imperative functions

Instructions: Match the imperatives with their functions.

1. Come here at once.

2. Star by reading part 1.

3. Have a beverage.

4. Study carefully.

5. Have a tea and some rest.

Imperative clauses

Let’s study the Imperative

Instructions: Look at the following information about Imperative clauses.

We use the imperative when we want to tell someone to do something (most commonly for advice, suggestions, requests, commands, orders or instructions).

We can use the imperative to tell people to do or not to do things.

Imperative clauses don’t have a subject.

Look at the positive form and the negative form of the Imperative:

Positive Verb
here, please.
it to me.
Negative Don't + verb
Don't wake up
Don't touch
unless I tell you.


The imperative in positive form

Instructions: Drag and drop the words to make Imperative sentences in positive form.

Everybody seat please
in the workbook the activities Do
attention Pay
your Close books
Be please quiet


The imperative in negative form

Instructions: Unscramble the words to make imperative sentences in negative form.

  1. Open/ don't / it
  2. stand / Don’t / up
  3. copy! / Don’t
  4. Don’t / aloud / read
  5. on the book / write / Don’t


Study, please!

Instructions: Complete with the following verbs and expressions the conversation.

Study startCome Don't tell

here and studying at once.

I don't feel like doing that. me what to do!

It's not an order. Just a strong advice. or you'll fail the exam.

Ok, I'll do it.