Simple present with question words

You will study the Simple present with question words.


Simple present with question words

How do Americans spend their leisure time?

Instructions: Read the text about Americans’ leisure time.

How do Americans spend their leisure time?

Active vacations such as swimming and hiking are on the rise. Americans are using the Internet more as a leisure activity, but they also have an increased desire to remain physically fit.

How do Americans spend their leisure time? Retrieved October, 2016 from.


Getting started: Leisure time.

Instructions: Read a bit more about American people’s leisure time:

The majority of Americans feel they do not have enough leisure time, want more pleasure out of life and say they try to engage in new experiences. About one-half of the adult population reported that when they have spare time, they like to relax and do nothing at all.

How do Americans spend their leisure time? Retrieved October, 2016 from.

Getting started: Leisure time

Instructions: Match the questions and answers.

1. How do Americans feel about leisure time?

2. What do American people want?

3. What do they try to engage in?

4. What do they do in their spare time?

Simple Present with Question Words

Let’s study the Simple Present with Question Words.

Instructions: Look at the following information about The Simple Present with Question Words:

We use WH questions when we require specific information in an answer.

We often refer to them as WH questions because they include the letters WH: What, Where, When, Why.

In the Simple Present we also need an auxiliary for the interrogative form with Question Words.


What do you study?

Where does he go to school?

When do they get married?

Look at the word order and answers.

Question word Auxiliary Subject Verb (Simple form) Complement? Specific aswers
What do you do in your free time? I listen to music.
Where does she study law? At UNAM.
When do they play with their children? In the afternoon.


Word order

Instructions: Make questions with the following prompts.

Cambridge he in does study What
work you Where do
she TV When watch does
to it go home How long does take
want English do to you learn Why


Passive leisure activities

Instructions: Match the questions to the answers.

1. Which passive leisure activities do Americans like?

2. What other leisure activity do they enjoy?

3. Why do they like reading?

4. Where do they have leisure activities?

5. When do they read books?


Instructions: Make questions with the following words.

like to What Vacations do on they do
Which activity do jogging swimming they prefer or
to Where like do they go
Why prefer do they reading
watch What like do on American people to TV