Simple present – Interrogative form

You will study the Simple Present Tense in Interrogative form.


Simple present – Interrogative form

American football

Instructions: Read the text about American football.

American football is the most popular spectator sport in the United States. It is a combat game where highly trained athletes skillfully and brutally execute strategic plans. Attending a footbal game often begins with a “tailgate party in the parking lot of the stadium followed by several hours of rowdy, emotionally charged excitement. Most fans watch football while gathered in a local bar or at a friend’s home in front of a big-screen TV.

Popular US sports. Retrieved October, 2016 from


Getting started: The National Football League (NFL)

Instructions: Read the following information about the NFL.

The National Football League (NFL) consists of 32 professional teams located in major cities across the USA. Each teams plays 16 games between early September and the end of December. The two best teams meet at the Superbowl near the end of January. Games are on Sunday afternoons with a few nationally televised games on Monday nights. It is difficult to get tickets for any NFL games as they are generally “sold out” before the season begins.

Popular US sports. Retrieved October, 2016 from.


Instructions: Choose the best answer.

1. Does the NFL consist of 32 professional teams? Yes, it does./No, it doesn't.

2. Does each team plays 16 games?Yes, it does./No, it doesn't.

3. Do the two best teams meet at the Superbowl? Yes, they do./No, they don't.

Simple Present – Interrogative form

Let’s study the Simple Present – Interrogative form

Instructions: Look at the following information about the Simple Present – Interrogative form.

Remember: We use Common Verbs in the Simple Present to talk about every day activities.

We use an auxiliary to make questions in the Simple Present.

We use DO for I, we, you, they.

We use DOES for he, she, it.

Look at the word order and the short answers.

Auxiliary Subject Verb (simple form) Complement? Positive &
Short Answers
Do you go to football matches? Yes, I do. /
No, I don´t.
Does he like playing football? Yes, he does. /
No, he doesn't.
Does she play football ? Yes, she does. /
No, she doesn't.
Does it bite the ball? Yes, it does. /
No, it doesn't.
Do they listen to the football match? Yes, they do. /
No, they don´t.


Simple Present Questions

Instructions: Change the following sentences into the Interrogative form.

  1. They play college football games. ?
  2. Games at schools attract 100,000 fans. ?
  3. People buy expensive tickets for the football games. ?
  4. People get cheap tickets for the less popular college games. ?
  5. A good football player also watches a lot of games. ?
Short Answers

Instructions: Answer the following questions with do, does, don’t or doesn´t.

Do people like baseball after football in the USA?
Yes, they .

Does Baseball have the same atmosphere than football?
No, it .

Does a baseball game start with a tailgate party that resembles a family picnic?
Yes, it .

Do people watch baseball games alone?
No, they .


Questions about baseball

Instructions: Make questions with the following sentences.

  1. Each team plays about 160 games. ?
  2. The best team from each league meet in the World Series. ?
  3. Many people buy tickets to most Major League games ?