Satisfaction Levels

You will study Satisfaction Levels.


Satisfaction Levels

Satisfaction levels

Instructions: Read about Satisfaction levels.

Let’s talk about Satisfaction levels

I love reading Romantic novels a lot.

I also like watching Science Fiction programs on T.V.

I don’t like horror movies or TV programs.

I hate watching or playing foot-ball.

What about you?


Getting started: More about Satisfaction levels

Instructions: Read the following information about Satisfaction level for a third person:

My best friend loves being a lawyer.

He likes helping people from all over the world.

He doesn’t like the world to be poor.

He hates bad people.

A survey on satisfaction levels

Instructions: Match the halves of the sentences.

bad music.
sad stories.
like the Beatles music.
Queen Elizabeth II

1. Many people love

2. People from all over the world

3. Mexican people don’t like

4. I hate

Levels of satisfaction

Let's learn how to express the level of satisfaction.

Instructions: Look at the following information about different levels of satisfaction:

There are different verbs or expressions to express different levels of satisfaction.

The most common verbs to express those levels of satisfaction are:



Don’t like or Doesn’t like


Look at the examples:

I love reading books.

James likes watching T.V. series.

Mary doesn’t like foot-ball games.

We hate horror movies.


Level exercise

Instructions: Choose the best option for each sentence.

  1. I love / loves eating pizza on Saturday.
  2. Mary love / loves watching T.V.
  3. Children like / likes cartoons.
  4. My little brother like / likes Tom & Jerry.
  5. All girls in my family hate / hates foot-ball.


Unscramble words

Instructions: Unscramble words to make logical sentences.

  1. Louis / chess in contests. / loves playing.
  2. likes being / Harry / a pilot.
  3. doesn't like lying / Diana / people
  4. Boys / crying girls / hate
  5. I / dancing at parties / like
  6. doneCheck


love, like, don’t like, hate

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following text.

  1. My aunt don’t like / doesn’t like driving at night.
  2. Your brothers love sleeping / loves sleeping in the tent.
  3. Those children doesn’t like / don’t like listening the radio.
  4. These men hate working / hates working on Saturday.
  5. My sister don’t like tidying up / doesn’t like tidyng up her room.