Present Continuous – Negative form

You will study the Present Continuous in the Negative form.


Present Continuous – Negative form

Instructions: Read the text about the United Nations. Look at the underlined expression.

The United Nations isn’t working for just one nation. It is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the organization was established on 24 October 1945 after World War II in order to prevent another such conflict. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states, there are now 193. The headquarters of the United Nations are in Manhattan, New York City, and experiences extraterritoriality. Further main offices are situated in Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna. The organization is financed by assessed and voluntary contributions from its member states. Its objectives incude maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict.

United Nations. Retrieved October, 2016 from


Getting started: Moral relativism

Instructions: Read the following text and do the suggested activity.

In 2004, former ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold published a book called Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos. The book criticized what it called the organization’s moral relativism in the face of genocide and terrorism that occurred between the moral clarity of its founding period and the present day. While the UN during its founding period was limited to those countries that declared war on at least one of the Axis powers of World War II, and thus were capable of taking a stand against evil, the modern United Nations has, according to Gold, become diluted to the point where only 75 of the 184 member states during the time of the book’s publication “were free democracies according to Freedom House”. He further claimed that this had the effect of tipping the scales of the UN so that the organization as a whole was more amenable to the requirements of dictatorships.

Criticism of the United Nations. Retrieved October, 2016 from

Organization’s moral relativism

Instructions: Choose T (true) or F (false) according to the text.

  1. The UN isn’t depicting a moral relativism.

  2. This institution isn’t taking a stand against evil.

  3. 75 countries aren’t practicing democracy.

  4. The UN aren’t working for dictatorships.

Present Continuous – Negative form

Let’s study the Present Continuous in the Negative form.

Instructions: Look at the information about the Present Continuous in the Negative form:

Remember: The Present Continuous tense is used to express actions that are in progress at the time of speaking.

We use the verb To Be as an auxiliary + Not and we add ING to the main verb. Examples:

I am not studying French.

Sophie is not working in Asia.

The boys are not reading a book.

Look at the word order in the negative form:

Subject Auxiliary To Be + Not Verb + ING Complement.
The U.S. is not working hard in its foreign affairs.
Other countries are not facing political problems.
I am not doing a lot for peace.


'm not, isn't, aren't

Instructions: Change the following sentences into the negative form. Use contractions (‘m not; isn’t, aren’t).

  1. The United Nations are working hard for peace.


  2. The United States is facing an international political crisis.


  3. Other countries are helping poor places in Africa.


  4. Some countries are waiting for help.


  5. European countries are trying to give their best for world peace.


  6. doneCheck


Negative statements

Instructions: Complete the sentences with the appropriate negative form of the verb To Be. Remember to use contractions.

  1. Latin American countries fighting against poverty.

  2. An Asian country participating with the United Nations.

  3. Some poor countries demanding help.

  4. African people expecting for a better life.

  5. I preparing a large inform about this.

  6. doneCheck


Allegations of globalism

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following text.

1. The UN isn’t promoting / aren’t promoting and effective realization of human rights.

2. Many countries isn’t supporting / aren’t supporting real democracy.

3. Some other countries isn’t assisting / aren’t assisting parliaments to enhance the checks and balances for democracy.

4. A Latin American country isn’t helping / aren’t helping to develop legislation and media capacities to ensure freedom of expression and access to information.

5. Another one isn’t assisting / aren’t assisting to develop policies and legislation to guarantee the right to freedom of association and of peaceful assembly.

6. Some countries in the world isn’t providing / aren’t providing electoral assistance and long-term support for electoral management bodies.

7. Other isn’t promoting / aren’t promoting women’s participation in political and public life.