Plural nouns

You will study plural nouns.


Plural nouns


Instructions: Read the following information about Texas. Look at the underlined plural nouns.

Texas is a big state! From the coastal plains of Corpus Christi to the high plains of Amarillo, from the forest of Texarkana to the mountains of El Paso, history and hospitality go han-in-hands as you travel it's highways and back roads. Exploring Texas regionally is a great way to plan your travel across the state or organize day trips if you are staying in one community for several days.

Texas trime travel. Retrieved September, 2016 from.


Getting started: The Texas Brazos Trail Region

Instructions: Read the following information about Texas and answer True or False:

The Texas Brazos Trail Region is an 18 county area of Central Texas. It is part of the 10-region Heritage Trails Program of the Texas Historical Commission. The Texas Brazos Trail promotes heritage tourism, historic preservation, and economic development. Although, a driving trail is marked out on the map, visitors are encouraged to travel the entire region experiencing the charm and heritage of this mainly rural area of the state. Visitors to the region can explore state parks, visit a presidential library, sample some of Texas’ best BBQ, or enjoy one of the many local festivals and events. The region is filled with history towns, unique downtown shops, museums, beautifully preserved homes, and more.

The Texas Brazos Trail Region. Retrieved September, 2016 from.

1. The Texas Brazos Trail Region is part of a historical program.

2. It promotes tourism and historic preservation.

3. A driving trail isn’t marked out on the map.

4. Visitors can explore state parks and enjoy a barbecue.

5. There aren’t history towns.


Texas Government

Instructions: Drag the words to the spaces to complete the information.


Texas has a plural executive branch system limiting the power of the governor, which is a weak executive compared to some other . Except for the Secretary of State, elect executive independently; thus candidates are directly answerable to the public, not the governor. This election system has led to some executive split between and reduced the ability of the governor to carry out a program.

Government of Texas. Retrieved and adapted September, 2016 from.


Let’s study plurals

Instructions: : Look at the following information about Plurals:

How to make plurals.

General rule Example
singular form + s a car - two cars
After s, ch, x, z, the plural is formed by adding es a box – two boxes
y after a vowel is not changed a city – two cities
y after a consonant is changed to a boy – two boys

After “o” the plural is usually formed by adding es (This is not the case, however, with words used for electric gadgets and music: radio, video, disco) Example: a tomato – two tomatoes.

NOTE: UNCOUNTABLE nouns do NOT normally have plurals.

Some irregular plurals are:

Singular Plural
a child two children
a fish two fish
a foot two feet
a tooth two teeth
a mouse two mice
a man two men
a woman two women
a goose two geese



Instructions: Write the plural for the following nouns. Click on COMPARE to check your answers. Use CAPITAL LETTERS when necessary and don’t leave any space left.

Singular / Plural

  1. apple /
  2. capital /
  3. country /
  4. state /
  5. population /
  6. ocean /
  7. National Park /
  8. language /
  9. currency /
  10. dollar /
  11. continent /


Pronunciation of plurals

Instructions: Listen to the three different pronunciation of the plural form of the following words:

/S/ state states volume_up
/Z/ hamburguer hamburguers volume_up
/IZ/ language languages volume_up

Instructions: Click on the following words and repeat them until you feel comfortable with your pronunciation.

room rooms /Z/ volume_up
clock clocks /S/ volume_up
meter meters /Z/ volume_up
sentence sentences /IZ/ volume_up
beverage beverages /IZ/ volume_up
dog dogs /Z/ volume_up
continent continents /S/ volume_up
park parks /S/ volume_up
house houses /IZ/ volume_up
book books /S/ volume_up
hour hours /Z/ volume_up
message messages /IZ/ volume_up


Plural nouns

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following text.

The Hill Country Trail Region is a geographically diverse 19-county area that abounds with natural resources –from tranquil lakes and rivers fed by underground springes/springs, to canions/canyons, and hilles/hills from the natural limestone; from lush fields brimming with the fruites/fruits of her rich earth, to the plentiful wildlife that roams free. The region embraces the rich history of forefathers/forefatheres who struggled for traditions and crafts of their ancestores/ancestors to a new land. They were full of hopes and dreams and the energy to make them happen.

The Hill County Trail Region. Retrieved and adapted September, 2016 from