Past Tense of Be – Interrogative form

You will study the Past Tense of Be in the interrogative form.


Past Tense of Be – Interrogative form

Invasion of Quebec

Instructions: Read the text and look at the words in bold.

Was Canada part of the American Revolutionary War?

Well, the Invasion of Quebec in 1775 was the first major military initiative by the newly formed Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. The objective of the campaign was to gain military control of the British Province of Quebec (modern day Canada) and convince the French-speaking Canadians to join the revolution on the side of the Thirteen Colonies.

nvasion of Quebec (1775). Retrieved and adapted October, 2016 from


Getting started: American military campaign

Instructions: Read the text to do the activity suggested.

The objective of the American military campaign, control of the British province of Quebec, was frequently referred to as “Canada” in 1775. For example, the authorization by the Second Continental Congress to General Philip Schuyler for the campaign included language that, if it was “not disagreeable to the Canadians”, to “immediately take possession of St. John’s Montreal, and any other parts of the Country”, and to “pursue any other measures in Canada” that might “promote peace and security” of the colonies. Even relatively modern history books covering the campaign in detail refer to it as Canada in their tittles. The territory that Britain called Quebec was in large part the French province of Canada until 1763, when France ceded it to Britain in the 1763 Treaty of Paris, which formally ended the French and Indian War (French leaders had surrendered the province to the British military in 1760).

Invasion of Quebec (1775). Retrieved October, 2016 from

Peace and security

Instructions: Match questions and answers.


No, it wasn’t.
Yes, they were.
Yes, it was
No, they weren't

1. Was the objective of the American military campaign to control Quebec?

2. Was this action to promote peace and security by the British?

3. Were Britain and France part of the Canadian province?

4. Were the French and Indian people in war until 1763?

Past Tense of Be – Interrogative form.

Let’s learn how to use the past tense of Be in the interrogative form.

Instructions: Read about the past tense of Be in the interrogative form..

Remember: To Be is used to express state or feelings.

Was and Where are the two forms for To Be in the past tense interrogative form.

Was is used for I, he, she and it.

Was is used for we, you, they.

Look at the word order in the following examples:

Verb To Be (was or were) Subject Complement? Yes/ No short answers
Were you happy at the party? Yes, I was./ No, I wasn't
Was he also in the party? Yes, he was./ No, he wasn't.
Was she there with him? Yes, she was./ No, she wasn't.
Was it a nice reunion? Yes, it was./ No, it wasn't.
Were you there very early? Yes, we were./ No, we weren't.
Were they late with food and drinks? Yes, they were./ No, they weren't.


Was and were

Instructions: Drag and drop the words to make positive sentences.

in College Were four years ago you
Jhon in the same with you Biology class Was
very good you students Were
Were your friends Jane and Ryan
they from a small Were town in Scotland
for ten years Were in the US they
all of you always together Were


Interrogative sentences

Instructions: Make questions with Was or Were and the following prompts:

  1. you in Europe last year?
  2. your family with you?
  3. you in different European countries?
  4. England very expensive but beautiful?
  5. the British Museum very interesting?
  6. you also in the Eurostar to France?
  7. the Louvre your first place to visit?


Simple questions with was and were

Instructions: Choose Was or Were in the following questions:

Was/Were the invasion of Quebec a disaster for the Americans?

Was/Were Arnold’s actions on the retreat from Quebec?

Was/Were King George’s government responsible for directing the war?

Was/Were there a significant portion of the Continental Forces at Fort Ticonderoga?

Was/Were the Americans’ objective to conquer Quebec and other British colonies?

Was/Were further expeditions a low priority?

Was/Were there another war in 1812 to British North America?