Ordinal Numbers

You will study Ordinal Numbers.


Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers

Instructions: Read carefully the information about Ordinal Numbers.

Ordinal numbers are used to talk about the “order” of things, animals or people or to define their position in series.

We use the last two letters of the word after the numeral or digit. For example, we take the last two letters of second and add them to the digit 2 to make 2nd

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Getting started: Ordinal numbers with titles.

Instructions: Read about Ordinal numbers with titles.

In names for kings and queens, ordinal numbers are written in Roman numbers. In spoken English, the definite article is used before the ordinal number:

Henry VIII – Henry the Eighth

Elizabeth I – Elizabeth the first

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Instructions: Match the names to their complete form.

Charles I

fifteenth fourth first sixth second
Charles the

Jacob II

fifteenth fourth first sixth second
Jacob the

Edward VI

fifteenth fourth first sixth second
Edward the

Henry IV

fifteenth fourth first sixth second
Henry the

Louis XV

fifteenth fourth first sixth second
Louis the

Ordinal numbers

Let’s learn about Ordinal numbers.

Instructions: Look at the following information about Ordinal numbers.

Ordinal numbers are formed by adding th to the cardinal number:

Fifteen – fifteenth

The exceptions are:

One – first
Two – second
Three – third
Five – fifth
Eight - eighth
Nine – ninth
Twelve – twelfth

In compound numbers, only the last figure is written as an ordinal number:

23 – twenty third
45 – forty fifth
74 – seventy fourth

Ordinal Numbers Pronunciation

Instructions: Click on each Ordinal Number to listen and repeat them.

volume_up 1st
volume_up 2nd
volume_up 3rd
volume_up 4th
volume_up 5th
volume_up 6th
volume_up 7th
volume_up 8th
volume_up 9th
volume_up 10th
volume_up 11th
volume_up 12th
volume_up 13th
volume_up 14th
volume_up 15th
volume_up 16th
volume_up 17th
volume_up 18th
volume_up 19th
volume_up 20th
volume_up 21st
volume_up 22nd
volume_up 23rd
volume_up 24th
volume_up 25th
volume_up 26th
volume_up 27th
volume_up 28th
volume_up 29th
volume_up 30th
volume_up 40th
volume_up 50th
volume_up 60th
volume_up 70th
volume_up 80th
volume_up 90th
volume_up 100th


Writing Ordinal Numbers

Instructions: Write the following Ordinal Numbers in letters:

  1. 7
  2. 10
  3. 15
  4. 19
  5. 23
  1. 34
  2. 45
  3. 51
  4. 67
  5. 79


Ordinal Numbers

Instructions: Choose the best option for each Ordinal number.

It's as easy as
One: 1st/1th

Two: 2nd/2th

Three: 3rd/3th

Number 4 in line is: four/fourth

Number 5 in line is: five/fifth

Number 6 in line is: six/sixth

So now you know, in a line or row It's as easy as
seven: 7/7th

eight: 8/8th

nine: 9/9th

It's as easy as
ten: 10/10th

eleven: 11/11th

twelve: 12/12th