Introducing people

You will study how to Introduce people.


Introducing people

How to introduce people

Instructions: Read about How to introduce people.

Introducing people is both an art and a means of ensuring good manners. A good introduction can get people off to a great conversational start and can help ease any discomfort or unease at meeting for the first time. When you introduce people, the most important part can be to figure out who should be introduced to whom, based on rank and authority. Once you have that figured out, you can easily help two people get to know each other and even to start a great conversation in the process.

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Getting started: Introducing someone

Instructions: Read about how to introduce a friend.

When introducing someone you must provide background information to help the people start a conversation. You can help connect the people by mentioning his/her/their names, his/her/their place of birth, and their job or profession.

Look at the example:

“Mom, this is my friend, Michael. He is a university student. He is from Cambridge.”

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Introducing a friend

Instructions: Drag and drop the sentences to complete the ideas.

provide background information to help the people start a conversation
name, place of birth, job or profession

1. When introducing someone you must

2. Important information to mention is

Useful vocabulary to introduce a friend

Let’s check some useful vocabulary to introduce a friend.

Instructions: Look carefully at the following information:

This is Susan.
She is a Doctor.
She is American.
She is 35 years old.

This is Charles.
He is a lawyer.
He is from York.
He is 40 years old.

These are Jane and Paul.
They are journalists.
They are from Greece.
Jane is 33 years old and,
Paul is 37 years old.

TIP: Use the verb To Be to introduce a friend. Examples:

Full form Short form
He is He's (name, age, nationality)
She is She’s (name, age, nationality)
They are They’re (name, age, nationality)
His name is His name’s (name, surname)
Her name is Her name’s (name, surname)


Introducing a woman or a man

Instructions: Choose the best option for each introduction.

1. Hello! This is my friend Peter.
He are/is/am from France.

He am/is/are a dentist.

He is/are/am 35 years old.

2. Hi! This am/are/is Sophie.

She is/am/are from Ireland.

She are/is/am a singer.

She am/are/is 27 years old.

3. Hello! This are/is/am Emma.

She am/is/are from Liverpool.

She is/are/am a painter.

She are/is/am 24 years old.

4. Hi! This are/is/am Gregory.

He are/is/am from Norway.

He am/are/is an engineer.

He is/am/are 77 years old.

Introducing more than one person

Instructions: Write complete sentences for the following people. Look at the example:

1. Kate and Dave. They are Kate and Dave.
The US They are from the US.
Students They are students.

Francis and Paul

Luc and Natt
He/police officer
She/hairdresser and


Introducing a woman or a man

Instructions: Choose the best option for each introduction.

1. This is/am/are my good friend Angelina.

She are/is/am American.

She am/is/are an actress.

2. This am/is/are Johny Depp.

He is/am/are from the US.

He am/are/is an actor a musician.

3. These are/is/am Ellie and Michael.

They am/is/are from Stratford.

They is/are/am architects.

4. They am/are/is my brothers.

We is/are/am from Mexico City.

We are/am/is federal employees.