How to follow instructions

You will study how to follow instructions.


How to follow instructions

Getting started: To the department store

Instructions: Look at the map and listen how to get to the department store.

It’s on the right

Instructions: Choose True or False.

1. The department store is on the corner of Ivy Crescent St. and Second St.

2. To get there, first walk one block along 4th St. and turn left on Elm St.

3. Then turn right on 3rd. St.

4. Turn left on Ivy Crescent and walk one block.

5. Turn right on 2nd St.

How to give directions

Let’s find out how to give directions.

Instructions: Read about useful vocabulary to give and follow directions.

Look at the different ways to ask for and give directions:

Asking for directions

Could you tell me how to get to the …?

How do I find…?

Excuse me, how do I get to…?

Which is the best route to …?


Giving directions

Go straight / go along

On your right

On your left

Turn right

Turn left

It’s on the first floor

Cross the street

It’s on your right

It’s on your left

It’s on the corner of

It’s next to / across from / in front of

Go over


Where is the bank?

Instructions: Click on the icon to listen and follow the directions on the map. Where are you: A or B?


Understanding directions

Instructions: Write the number next to the indications to express the correct order.

  • Turn left.
  • Go straight for three blocks.
  • First, go up Market Street to Second Avenue.
  • The cinema is opposite the French restaurant.
  • Go past the hospital.
  • Turn right at the traffic lights.