How much & How many

You will learn about How much & how many.


How much & How many


Instructions: Complete the following survey. Then click on Compare

1. How much caffeine do you consume everyday?

2. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

3. How many sodas do you drink a day?

4. How much chocolate do you have in a week?


Getting started: Are you consuming too much caffeine?

Instructions: Read the text and choose True or False.

Ann Chapman, dietitian for Student Health Services, says caffeine consumption increases students’ alertness. Chapman says people react to caffeine differently depending on factors such as body size. Though some people feel the effects after one serving, some people can consume several servings without achieving the same caffeine effects. Students can obtain caffeine in many ways, shapes, and forms. Chapman says caffeine is in products such as tea, coffee, cola drinks and chocolate.

For most people, Chapman says, moderate consumption of caffeine is about 300 milligrams of the substance, the equivalent of three cups of coffee. She says side effects of too much caffeine included insomnia, restlessness, muscle-twitching and increased heart rate. She says the effects are not dangerous to people’s health, but they can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Caffeine effects

Instructions: Choose True or False according to the text.

1. Everyone has the same reaction to caffeine.

2. Caffeine effects can be dangerous.

3. A moderate consumption of caffeine is 300 mg.

Let’s study nouns.

Look at the following information about Nouns:

We use How many or How much when we want to know the quantity or amount of something.

    How much is used to ask about quantity or price. It is used with uncountable nouns. Ex:
  • How much sugar is there?
  • How much is that coat?
    How many is used to ask about the quantity of something. It is used with countable nouns. Ex:
  • How many books are there?
  • How many students are here?

Look at the word order:

How much uncountable noun is there?
How much sugar is there?
How much money is there?
How much water is there?


How many countable noun Are there?
How many books are there?
How many students are there?
How many boys and girls are there?


At the store

Instructions: Write How much or How many.

  1. water is there?
  2. glasses of water are there?
  3. bottles of wine are there?
  4. money is there?
  5. cups of milk are there?
  6. doneCheck


Instructions: Make logical questions with the following words:

  1. How many / are / books /there
  2. pencils / How many / there / are
  3. bread / there / are / How much
  4. How / butter / there / are / much
  5. sandwiches / are / How / there / many
  6. doneCheck


Evaluation: How much coffee...

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following dialogues.

  1. How much / How many spoons of coffee do you want?
    Just two, please.
  2. How much / How many milk do you want?
    No milk, please.
  3. How much / How many spoons of sugar?
    Three, please.
  4. How much / How many cookies for your coffee?
    None, thank you.
  5. How much / How many is it?
    Two dollars, please.