Frequency Adverbs

You will study Frequency Adverbs.


Frequency Adverbs

Rock concert

Instructions: Read the text. Look at the words in bold.

A rock concert is a musical performance in the style of any one of many genres inspired by “rock and roll” music. This phenomenon is typically characterized by bands that always play at least one electric guitar, an electric bass guitar, and drums. Often, two guitar players share the tasks or rhythm and lead guitar playing. Rock concerts also have a social history which shapes the perception of the linguistic term and the activity itself

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Getting started: Rock concerts

Instructions: Read the following information about the term ‘rock concert’.

The term ‘rock concert’ is also occasionally used to refer to live performances by distinctly non-rock acts. Live performances by pop, hip-hop, an R&B bands may not be rock concerts in the strictest sense, but they are often referred to as rock concerts, such as an overall party atmosphere.

Rock concerts are often associated with certain kinds of behavior. Dancing, shouting, singing along with the band, and ostentatious displays by the musicians are common, though some very successful rock bands have avoided gratuitous flash in favor of understated performances focusing on the music itself. Even so, rock concerts often have a playful atmosphere both for the band and the audience.

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Live performances

Instructions: Choose T (true) or F (false) for the following statements.

1. The term ´rock concert´ always refers to live performances.

2. Hip-hop performances are not ‘rock concerts’.

3. Dancing and shouting are often related to ‘rock concerts’.

4. Rock concerts never have a playful atmosphere.

Frequency adverbs

Let’s study Frequency adverbs.

Instructions: Look at the following information about Frequency adverbs:

An adverb is a word used to change or qualify the meaning of a verb.

Frequency adverbs are used to describe how frequently we do an activity.

Look at the most useful Frequency adverbs:

Frequency Adverb of Frequency Examples:
100% always I always go to rock concerts.
90% usually My husband usually goes with me.
80% often We often enjoy them very much.
50% sometimes We sometimes go with our children.
30% occasionally They occasionally like the same bands.
10% seldom We seldom go to concerts abroad.
5% hardly ever We hardly ever go to a weekend concert.
0% never We never go to hip-hop performances.

We place Frequency adverbs before the verb:

Subject Frequency adverb verb complement
Boys always go to concerts with girls.
Young people usually enjoy concerts.

We place Frequency adverbs after the verb To Be:

Subject verb To Be Frecuency adverb complement
I am never in the stairs in concerts.
Students are allways happy at concerts.


Where’s the Frequency adverb?

Instructions: Rewite the following sentence with the Frequency adverb in parenthesis.

  1. The Rolling Stones give concerts in Mexico. (sometimes)
  2. There are rock concerts in Mexico every summer. (always)
  3. Paul McCartney plays in the State of Mexico. (never)
  4. I am in pop-music live performances. (hardly ever)
  5. Mexican people miss live performances. (often)
  6. doneCheck


Frequency adverbs

Instructions:Drag and drop the words to make logical sentences with Frequency Adverbs.

There are in the U.S.A. a lot of concerts always
usually American people go to pop live performances
go to hip-hop never some people live performances
in the U.S. Classic British bands give concerts often
European stadiums American rock bands play in always


Rock music and rock concerts

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following text.

Like rock music in general, rock concerts are generally / never emblematic of American culture's waning formality. Such concerts were usually / hardly ever crucial to the formation of youth identity in the U.S. during a time of social revolution, and have continued to represent elements of society frequently seen as "rebellious," especially against the structures of mid-twentieth-century social normativities. One of the most well-known rock concerts was undoubtedly Woodstock, and millions of much smaller rock concerts go often / sometimes on every year. Consider that rock concerts are often / hardly ever performed at very high decibel levels, so take care about the bones of the alsmiddle ear and the nerves of the inner ear.

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