Filling out a form

In this unit you will study how to fill a form.


Filling out a form


Getting started: A job application

Instructions: Read and Listen about the following job application.

system_update_altDownload the job application

Personal information

Instructions: Choose True or False.

1. His name is Níquette

2. He lives in Quebec.

3. He is a doctor.

4. He is also a programmer.

5. It’s his first job.

Filling out an application form

Let’s find out how to fill out an application form.

Instructions: Read about how to fill an application form.

Sometimes it is necessary to fill out an application with your personal information. For example, when you open a bank account or when you want to start a club in your school. The typical information is the following:

Type of information Example (s)
Complete name Ida Jane Palmer Thomas Elliot Johnson
Last name (or Family name) Palmer Johnson
First name Ida Thomas
Middle name (or middle initial) Jane Elliot
Gender / Sex Female Male
Phone number ( and/or work phone number, fax number, mobile phone number) 55 66 77 88 56 88 99 23
Address 1975 Laurier Street East
Montreal, Quebec
F4F 1G3
2414 W. Stone Road
Addison, Illinois
City Montreal Addison
State or Province Quebec Illinois
ZIP or Zip Code F4F 1G3 63502
Salary (*) $6.30 (per hour) $40,000 a year
Major Political Science Social sciences
Date of birth May 7, 1986. June 29, 1981.


Personal information in a form

Instructions: Drag and drop words to make questions.

55 84 97 44 28
27 South Ave
November 21, 1962
$50,000 per year

1. Name .

2. Family name .

3. Date of birth .

4. Major .

5. Address .

6. Salary .

7. Phone number .


Questions and answers

Instructions: Match the questions to the answers.

Social studies
32 years old
Alice Gilbert
42 Kingston Road
55 12 44 19

1. What’s your complete name? .

2. Where are you from? .

3. How old are you? .

4. What’s your major? .

5. What’s your address? .

6. What’s your phone number? .

7. What’s your email address? .


Different application forms

Instructions: View the examples clicking over number, then write the correct number next to each type of application.

Job application

Sport club application

Bank application

Library card application