Expressing location

You will study how to express location.


Expressing location

Getting started: Expressing location

Instructions: Look at the map again, as well as the expressions that indicate location.

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  1. The park is between the department store and the bus stop.
  2. The department store is next to the park.
  3. The hotel is in front of the bank.
  4. The library is on Second Av.
  5. The cinema is opposite the French restaurant.



Instructions: Match the halves of the sentences.

in front of the cinema
near the French restaurant
next to the park
on fifth Ave
the parking lot
  1. The bank is next to .
  2. The art gallery is .
  3. The hospital is .
  4. The French restaurant is .
  5. The bus stop is .

Quiz. How to express location

Let’s learn how to express location.

Instructions: Read about how to express location.

Look at the phrases and prepositions to express location:

Places and location

Instructions: Drag and drop the words to express location.

on Blake St The bus stop is
The art gallery on Oak St is
on the corner of The school Second Ave. and Oak St is
a bank next to There is the parking lot
opposite The library the school is
in front of the cinema The French restaurant is
is The supermarket on fifth Ave


Where are they?

Instructions: Look at the map to complete the sentences with a word or phrases bellow:

in front of
next to
  1. The shops are the bank.
  2. The movie theatre is on 3rd. St. the hotel.
  3. The hospital is the parking lot.
  4. The hotel is the post office.
  1. The coffe shop is 4th St.
  2. The laundromat is the library.
  3. The grocery store is the dry cleaners and the restaurant.


Understanding directions

Instructions: Select the number next to the indications to express the correct order.

volume_upThe laundromat
volume_upThe supermarket
volume_upThe grocery store
volume_upThe hospital
volume_upThe barber shop
volume_upThe parking lot
volume_upThe coffe shop