Countries and Nationalities

You will study Countries and Nationalities.

Estudiarás los nombres de países a través de su estudio y práctica, para enriquecer el vocabulario sobre el origen de las personas.


Countries and Nationalities

Nationalities, languages, and countries

Imagen: A soviet birth certificate. Creative Commons.

Instructions: Read the following information about nationalities, languages and countries.

When we talk about a nation or region, we can use:

  • The name of the country or region: England, Europe, America.
  • A singular noun for a person from the country or region: an English, a European, an American.
  • The plural expression the… for the whole population of a country or region: the English, the Europeans, the Americans.
  • An adjective: English, European, American.
  • The name of a national language is commonly the same as the national adjective.

We use a capital letter when we refer to a nationality, a language, a country, and a region.

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Getting started: Countries and Nationalities

Instructions: Read about Countries and Nationalities.

An independent country is not only a self-governed nation with own authorities, this status needs the international diplomatic recognition of sovereignty. The total number of independent states in the world are 197, including fully recognized 193 members of the United Nations, 2 countries, Vatican City and Palestine, have the status of permanent observers in the UN. Another 2 states included are Kosovo (recognized by 108 UN members) and Taiwan (recognized by 22 countries).

Nationality is the legal relationship between a person and a state. Nationality affords the state jurisdiction over the person and affords the person the protection of the state. What these rights and duties are vary from state to state.

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Countries and Nationalities

Instructions: Complete the following sentences according to the previous text.

  1. A country is a
  2. Nationality is the legal

Let’s learn about Countries and Nationalities.

Instructions: Study the following Countries and Nationalities:

Countries Nationalities
Denmark Danish
England English
Ireland Irish
Norway Norwegian
Scotland Scottish
Sweden Swedish
The United Kingdom British
Wales Welsh
Austria Austrian
France French
Germany German
Switzerland Swiss
Greece Greek
Italy Italian
Portugal Portuguese
Spain Spanish
Canada Canadian
United States of America American
Mexico Mexican
Cuba Cuban
Brazil Brazilian
Turkey Turkish
India Indian
Japan Japanese
Australia Australian

Country or Nationality

Instructions: Write C (Country) or N (Nationality).

  1. Australian
  2. Mexico
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. Japanese
  5. American
  6. Turkish
  7. Brazil
  8. India
  9. Canadian
  10. Grecce


Instructions: Write the countries for the following nationalities.

  1. A Danish is from
  2. An Irish is from
  3. A Scottish is from
  4. An American is from
  5. A French is from
  6. An Indian is from
  7. A Brazilian is from
  8. A Cuban is from
  9. A Japanese is from
  10. A Mexican is from


Countries or Nationalities

Instructions: Fill in the gaps with the appropriate Country or Nationality.

  1. Brad Pitt is
  2. Orlando Bloom is from
  3. The Beatles are
  4. Nissan Company is from
  5. Chris Hemsworth is from
  6. La Habana is in
  7. Ottawa is the capital city of
  8. Messi is
  9. Madrid is the capital city of
  10. Berlin is the capital city of